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Furniture Assembly

Disassembly & Reassembly of Large Furniture

Furniture Disassembly: Assembling & Disassembling Moving Services

We can disassemble and reassemble large furniture and other items that are too big to move in one piece so you can be sure you don’t damage your walls or doors in your move and your items will arrive as they were originally, hassle-free.

Some removalists try to shortcut a job by trying to move oversized furniture without spending the time to disassemble your items. This will mean you greatly increase the risk of damaging not only your furniture but also the wall and doorways as the furniture is moved. That’s why we recommend disassembling the furniture carefully, marking the pieces correctly for easy reassembly when you arrive at your destination. Our removals team can also explain to you how the furniture needs to be reassembled incase you choose to move them in the future. We recommend you leave it to us to take care of this very important step so your furniture arrives just the way you expect it.